Sunday, September 4, 2011


 Ok, so I've been holding out on ya. I was just being careful. I hesitated to trot out a new recipe just because it worked excellent once. It was however, good enough that I felt  I should get some sort of award! This led to the founding of "The Order Of The Anaglyphic Pone King." We also dedicated a section @ The Flatware County General Store to cornbread related items. Admittedly  it's only two mugs now, but we're working on some other stuff.

 The first run of the Reuben Style recipe yielded great cornbread, but was short on notes and pictures. This time was better, with careful notes and even a baby picture. Considering the moisture content of the sauerkraut, I used only half of the 15 oz can of cream style corn. At the time my only available onion was already sliced up (making grating not an option). This was ok since grating onion is very juicy. The sauerkraut (even squeezed), and the cream style corn already had me a little concerned.

  Even with a cup of sauerkraut, the two tablespoons of onion minced (instead of about a hand-full grated and squeezed), and the  half a can of cream style corn, left my batter a little short. The consistency  was normal enough, but I ran out of batter when my next to last mini-loaf had only half enough. A little quick spoon shoveling settled this discrepancy. The next rub came when I got to the end of the corned beef two loaves short of 16. This time I liked the distribution of ingredients well enough to see what a couple of vegetarian mini-loaves were like (excellent, by the way).

 At 28 minutes they had begun to pull-away. The browning, apparent at edges, didn't seem like it had gone near as far as it could. I stayed and watched through the oven window to make sure they didn't get too dark and let them cook.


                                                                                     At 31 minutes the edges looked like they might go from brown to black soon, so I opened the oven to check, Woo-Hoo. Considering how big they got in process they didn't seem very tall.

 After cooling near the window for 5 minutes they all released perfectly. The crust was beautiful and the first one was gone before I had a chance to really appreciate just how well I liked it. The crumb to crust ratio was spot on. With a bowl of bean and bacon soup, the next three disappeared in short order. After they cooled (while the soup warmed) I layered the rest up in a cloth lined bowl. They were a hit with everyone who tried them. Fortunately two pieces lasted till dinner time the next day. They went great with butter beans and a tomato, okra, corn, dish, mmm.