Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Black n Blue Thanksgiving Hawaiian

Even with a shortage of good pictures, this post with it's Spam vindication message needed doing.  I wanted to be thorough this time. For one thing, Spam had to be better than it turned out last time, so this time I gave it a running start. Both the pan fried (some finished off with a splash of black coffee for the red eye gravy glaze) and the oven browned Spam were pretty good. Both were a whole lot better than the cool pink, straight from the can style used in the first Blue Hawaiian experiment.

This test batch recipe included both bacon (also very compatible with pineapple) as well as Spam. The black n blue comes from the smashed black beans and the blue stains that appear around the grated purple cabbage pieces. Sauerkraut cut short, Swiss cheese, and pineapple wedges were the last of the toppings. Butter knives to support the cooling pone helped dry the disk without flipping it a couple of times. Standing on edge worked OK for the mini loaves, with the cob shaped sticks balanced on top.