Friday, January 27, 2012


  Eh, about time. I can't say I was happy at the wake up call though. It has been sometime since I had a batch just come smoothly together, release well, and not tear up. Ok, I have kept the mix in a constant state of change even to the color of corn meal, but lately it's seemed like even the foundation pone was having a go at my ankle. I had begun to wonder when a batch would go my way again.

  At 25 min the skillet pone was looking a little pale. Four min later and the mini-loaves were about to go past done, and on toward brickette style.

Although the orphans from the black iron adventure were a homely bunch, four of the six had gone on to a better place before dinner.
The nine inch black iron frying pan yielded a really amazing golden brown cornbread discus so good, two wedges with my soup and was only a good place to stop.

 The bigger loaf (disc) was denser than an old school (non self-rising), and though very moist it didn't lean toward cake-like. I was very careful not to scorch the oil in the preheat, and I did get a nice bottom crust. I think if I can get the skillet hotter  I can get a crispier, thicker, bottom crust.

 The difference in time needed to warm the mini-loaf pan and the skillet was a bit of a hassle. I believe that halfa batch of batter would make a somewhat thinner disc without compromising the moistness.

 The resulting lower crumb to crust ratio promises yet another interesting test batch, even if it is hard to turn away even a little from such a winning taste combination.    

 Release was a breeze. After allowing the skillet to cool for seven or eight min I covered it with a small towel and a plate and flipped it over. After letting it to cool and dry another fifteen or twenty min I wrapped it on up in the towel.

 Looks like the cornbread  schism  has passed. Wohoo! The future may or may not hold a pone distribution empire, but I am very optimistic about more and better cornbread. Lately I've been illin hard about my cornbread, but it was all worth it to graduate into the Black Iron Brotherhood.

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